Chapter 4, Part + Kickstarter

1.) June’s chapter is up (Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1) and it’s a big one. :) It’s still download-only in the June issue of Sparkler, but only for a few more days.

2.) As you can see above via Mitsuko and Miki’s lovely faces, Sparkler Monthly is Kickstarting Year 3 of the magazine! I had a short story commission up there, but it already sold, whoops! But Rebecca just put up some original music commissions this morning, and there are a ton of other great tiers/stuff you can get in the Kickstarter while also supporting this series for another year, so you should check it out. <3

3.) Before we launched that Kickstarter, we also did a big update on the Tokyo Demons Kickstarter (remember that? :D). I can’t believe some of that stuff is still pending… We really overstretched ourselves on that first Kickstarter, ugh. Thank you for your never-ending patience. -_-;

4.) The new chapter is going up in a few days, but I haven’t finished it yet, so I’d better get back to it. #alwaysbehind

Thanks! <3

New chapters and contests!


I literally forget this place exists for months at a time (I’m always at the TD page on Sparkler)… I’m so sorry! ;^;

1.) The next bunch of chapters are out. We’re almost halfway through Book 3. :D

2.) Sparkler’s having a social media contest to decide on a Tokyo Demons dakimakura (sexy body pillow case). Kiyoshi beat Jo in the first round, and the next round (Sachi vs Miki) will be happening soon. Yowza!

3.) I’m also running a contest where you can win some TD merch if you squeal about your favorite TD relationship:


So go read that stuff and enter those things! Yeah.

I’ll be back soon… MUST REMEMBER TO COME BACK. /cries


Book 2 paperback + the start of Book 3: Chapter 2

td_rem_photo(Photo totally stolen from Rem’s Twitter, since it’s so much nicer than the picture I took!)

Happy New Year, guys! A lot’s been happening on Sparkler Monthly these past few months, but here are the biggest TD highlights:

1.) Tokyo Demons Book 2 paperback IS FINALLY OUT.

2.) Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 2, Part 1 is out and has no paywall. Jo kicks some ass in it.

The second half of Chapter 2 comes out next week, plus I have some new fanfics (AWESOME ONES) and fanart to post, so I’ll be back soon.

Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

Book 2 complete ebook + Nick story + fanfiction!

Tokyo Demons Book 2: Add a Little Chaos (complete)

Long time no type! The Book 2 complete ebook is finally out (woo! XD) and it includes the Adam short story (Press START to Continue) and a never-before-seen short story about Nick (Curiosity Killed the Cat). This book will also be available as a paperback in a few months, hopefully in time for the holidays. *crosses fingers*

In addition, we have a special treat: debut fanfiction from reader Pachi, in the form of…slightly filthy OT3 vignettes about Ayase and Sachi and Kado. I DIG IT. :D Updated the Fandom page with that and a few new pieces of fanart/reviews.

We still have some shorts on the backburner, but we’re delaying them a bit so we can debut Book 3 instead! Book 3 starts in Issue #015 (Oct) of Sparkler Monthly, and rem will be doing a Tokyo Demons cover for the magazine. That’s in…a little over a week, ah! I’d better get back to work.

Sorry for the long hiatus, but we’re back now. See you soon. <3