More prose, more audio, more smut

Damn, it’s been a busy month for us. Let’s get right to it:

1.) New chapter (Chapter 8, Part 1) is now up at Sparkler Monthly. There’s still the Sparkler Subscriber/TD Book 2 Subscriber paywall over it, but that vanishes on Friday.

2.) New installment of the audio book–Book 1: Chapter 8, Part 3–is also up, and the paywall’s already down, so everyone can stream it for free. This is when Jo finds out about Seiya. :(

3.) We’ve re-released our two earlier smut stories in Sparkler Monthly’s new Cherry Bomb line, now with some sexy art from rem. <3 There’s Building Up, the Ayase x Kiyoshi story, and  a combo pack of Once & Never Again, the two interconnected side stories about Sachi x Kado (see pic above). Once was originally only available in the Book 1 ebook and paperback, but we figured if you’re willing to pay a few bucks to shed light on these two boys, you deserve the whole story. (Well…the whole story that’s been written so far, anyway. :D) These re-released stories are also included in the Cherry Bomb Collection #1.

We’re almost done with Book 2 AND the Book 1 audio book! Can you believe how long it’s been? The first chapters of Tokyo Demons launched in May of 2011, so we’re coming up on our 3-year anniversary…and the 12th anniversary of when we actually started developing it (back in 2002). Time fliiiiies. :)

Climax of Book 2: Chapter 7, Part 2


The massive next section of Book 2–Chapter 7, Part 2–is now free to read on Sparkler Monthly. This section includes the Ayase + Kado scene from the magazine’s February cover, as well as the illustration above, which is cropped to spare you a GIANT SPOILER. This extra long chapter has reveals, screaming, kissing, fighting, and…cosplay. Always cosplay.

Despite the fact that this shit gets dark, guys. :(

Tokyo Demons cover for Sparkler Monthly #007 (Feb)

Tokyo Demons is on the cover of Sparkler Monthly this month, with rem’s ridiculously  squee/sad illustration of Ayase and Kado from the upcoming chapter (which will be released in a few weeks). Book 2 ends in a few months, and Chapter 7, Part 2 is the climax of the novel, so it’s a good time for rem to rock that cover.

More details on the illustration here. See you in a few weeks!

Book 2: Chapter 7 begins, more audio


Hey, guys! Big month for Tokyo Demons:

1.) The audio for Book 1: Chapter 8, Part 2 is out with no paywall, and it includes Ayase and Kiyoshi getting sexy right before Nakajima loses her shit at Kado. GOOD COMBO.

2.) The newest part of the prose–Book 2: Chapter 7, Part 1–is out with no paywall, and it both reveals Touya’s power, and reveals…something else. Something bad.

It’s convenient that these two chunks came out in the same month, because some of the seeds planted in that piece of the audio (almost a book ago) are finally blooming in the latest prose. As I’ve warned everybody on Tumblr, we’re now in the darkest arc of Tokyo Demons–and the climax of Book 2 will be out next month. Just a few more updates and then the book is done at last. O.O

On a lighter note, there’s a hilarious liveblogging of the new prose chapter by a reader here. GIANT SPOILERS.

Site technical problems

Sorry for the site issues lately! I know the front page is still ugly as sin, but all those errors should be fixed shortly. Everything is back up and the rest of the pages look okay now. We had to do an emergency update at a very odd hour, heh.

In the meantime, all the newest material is at the Sparkler Monthly Tokyo Demons page, and all the supplementary stuff (short stories, character charts) are here and working fine. Talk to you soon!