Off*Beat Kickstarter for Chromatic/Sparkler, Tokyo Demons update

So! Some of you already know that we launched another Kickstarter through Chromatic Press the other day: for Off*Beat, a beloved series by one of our favorite creators of all time (Jen Lee Quick). It’s going extremely well, and we’re all extremely happy.

It just didn’t launch until later than planned, so I’m behind on Tokyo Demons this week. D: I’m really sorry! I knew we’d have some schedule conflicts like this come up, but I really tried to plan around this one. And failed. :( Now that things are running and I sorted out a bunch of other pressing related things, I can finally write this weekend. The next chunk of Chapter 4 will be up soon – hopefully Sunday, but definitely not later than Tuesday.

I’m so sorry, guys! I don’t mean to leave you hanging for so long. :( Rebecca’s back on the audio, too, so we should have an update there in a week or two as well. We’re trying to balance everything now and it’s pretty cray, heh.

In the meantime, our dear rem, who’s been working day and night on SOULLESS Volume 3, took the time to finish that back illustration for Book 2: Chapter 1. It’s pretty sad, but now that the detox is behind us, I think it’s easier to look at. O.o I stuck it into the story section of Book 2: Chapter 1 and I’ll update the ebook versions with it soon.

That’s…beautiful and tragic. Damn, rem’s so good at the dark stuff. O.o

See you in a few days!

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