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  1. I’m loving the story. The audio book is really well done! Great job Big Bro at being a creeper. Keep it up, all. :)

    • Heh, I know you left this comment a while ago, but I wanted to comment anyway. I’ve been editing your brother’s lines this weekend and I keep having to take breaks because he’s too creepy and it skeeves me out. Before we started this, I really didn’t know he was capable of this level of creepiness!

    • Thank you for the support, but we officially discourage any readers under the age of 16 unless they get, like, a parent to read/listen to Tokyo Demons first. Chapter 6 and up are pretty damn adult. (Almost put a trigger warning on Chapter 6.)

  2. This is seriously cool! I stumbled across this site while perusing another webcomic, and I’m thrilled that I followed the link to something truly awesome. :)It’s not every day that you find a serialization that has such an obvious amount of dedication to the story and finds new and cool ways to keep readers (and listeners) wanting more.
    Major props to you and your crew for all the hard work you’ve put into this project.

      • To be honest, when I found out that there was an audio-reading for this, I got really excited because it meant I could listen while I worked on something else that would be otherwise tedious. But when I found out it was not just a reading, but an amazing amalgam of *voice actors* and *sounds*? I just sit with headphones on and this goofy grin on my face while I listen. :D

        • Aw, you’re sweet. I’m obsessed with Japanese drama CDs. Obsessed. So when Rebecca agreed to turn our audio book into something dramatized and fully voiced, making us several step closer to an actual drama, I geeked all over her. It only exists because she’s a magical wizard.

          And I listen to it (and most audio dramas) while doing the dishes. We’re trying to corner the market of People Who Want To Listen To Stuff While Doing Something Boring.

            • And if anyone tries to interrupt you while editing, you can just yell, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” (Would’ve made an Oz joke, but I’ve never seen it. And LoTR is awsome). If that doesn’t work, just throw a shoe at the trespasser and call them a Balrog.

          • Well, you’ve totally got my “listening while doing something boring” corner of the market sold. This has become my go to work listening (and not just because I like hearing my creeper fiance’s voice every now and again).
            Thank you! And I look forward to more installments :)

            • Jae told us you’ve listened to the audio book no fewer than 10 million times, which is very flattering and we love you. :) Also, I like how this page is being overrun with the friends, family, and loved ones of Jae Rodgers. Did you know his mom did a voice in the audio book, too? She’s Jo’s second-to-last foster mother. JAE RODGERS FEVER.

  3. Just found out I can download the audio to my PSP. Takes up a lot of memory, but it’s time for spring cleaning, right? :D Couldn’t help but notice the slight accents, you guys’ based in U.S. or Canada? (accents didn’t effect awsomeness; though I laughed when Ayase said “oot” once) Don’t worry, I’m from Pennsylvania so I have a slight slur ;).

    • Most of our actors are Canadian, but a few are American (from New England). The accent is pretty similar between both places, but there are enough differences to make recording hilarious and weird. Lots of “how did you just say that word” moments.

      • Yeah, that scene where Jo (Alex) and Kiyoshi (Dallas) are talking about Mai and fighting over the pencil? The Canadian accents are SO THICK in that one that it always makes me laugh. But we thought it gave the audio drama a little culture, so we mostly left mild accents in. The actors who speak English as a second (or third+) language, like Bilal, are voicing characters who speak Japanese as a second language (in Bilal’s case, Daniel). Daniel, Nick, Zayd, etc. are supposed to sound like they’re speaking a language other than their mother tongue.

          • It’s definitely subtle if you don’t know what you’re listening for — it’s usually the pronunciation of a few particular words that give them away. We made Moonklutz redo a line like 5 times before realizing that’s just how Canadians say the word “blouse.”

            • That one was hilarious – I really couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, so I had to ask Rebecca and Lianne to say the line and then we all just sort of stared at each other, marvelling over the word “blouse.”

          • It’s how they pronounce words like “sorry,” “about,” and “been.” Once you’ve been around Canadians long enough, you can’t NOT hear it. :)

            • Hm, I see. I don’t think I’ve come in contact with many Canadians if any living in closer proximity to the Mexican Border.

  4. Is there a new predicted date for the release of chapter 5 in audio?
    Really enjoying the audio version, hope the next chapter comes soon!

    • Oops, forgot to revise this. The beginning of Chapter 5 should be out one week from tomorrow (aka Sunday, July 22nd). More details in tomorrow’s update.


    So I fond out about TD while you were doing your Kickstarter, and I said to myself, “That looks interesting, I’ll have to check it out sometime.” And then last night I decided to finally read it, but you had a link to the audiobook version at the top of the prologue, and I was like “Why not, I’ll give the audiobook a quick listen,” because I hadn’t listened to an audiobook since I was a kid. I was planning to just listen for maybe half a minute, and then before I knew it I’d finished the prologue and I was starting Chapter 1, because the audiobook was SO GOOD.

    And so now I’m current on the audiobook version, so I’m faced with the choice of whether or not to wait for the next section or to start just reading the rest, but now I can’t imagine Tokyo Demons WITHOUT being read by those awesome VAs, and OH GOD WHY DID I DO THIS THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE DECISION WHY.

    This paragraph is just here to demonstrate that I am, in fact, capable of using non-run-on sentences like a rational human being. I simply chose not to do so in the above, so as to convey the depth of my dismay.

    So… um… yeah. The audiobook is good. Keep it up.

    • Hehe, thanks so much for the feedback! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it — doing the audio book this way, with all the different actors and music and sound effects, takes a ton of work, but I think it’s worth it. And I’m constantly surprised and impressed with how all our amateur actors have stepped up and done such an excellent job! There’s that wonderful moment when you’re recording and the actor gets the line just right, particularly important, emotional lines… we’ve been working really hard to get recording done for the rest of the book, and seriously, it’s only getting better.

      The next part of chapter 5 will be out on Sunday! I totally understand if you want to read ahead, but we’re going to be on a faster audio schedule as of next month, so following the audio will hopefully be a less slow, frustrating, never-ending-wait kind of experience from now on.

      I can only hope :D

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!! Chapter 5 part 3 end was such good voice acting I almost started crying with him!!!! I love the audio so much!!!!! X’C
    Anyway, awesome story! I can’t wait to find out the powers of the characters and who else has powers!!!! SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aw, thanks for the love! I know what you mean about Dallas (voice of Kiyoshi) — he’s really, really talented, especially at the screaming/crying/freaking out parts. During recording, I literally started tearing up at one point just listening to him cry.

  7. This audiobook has some of the best voice acting I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait for the next installment, and please keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Jamie! We do love our voice actors, especially since so few of them had acting experience so they worked their BUTTS off with Rebecca to make this audio book sound good. I’m going to tell them all you said that. :)

      The next piece of Chapter 7 will probably be through Sparkler Monthly later this summer. It’ll still be free to listen to, just in its new home in the magazine. Hope to see you there~.

  8. I found it by chance this website and I do love the story and keep listen every free time. I do want to buy also the book and audio book when the story is fully complete :)

  9. Ahh~ just finished listening to the audio while reading along. No regrets for the past three hours- And can’t wait for the other audio for 6+ to be put up again!

    • Sorry I missed this comment until now! Thanks, Koduka. <3 We've finished Chapter 7 and started Chapter 8 on the Sparkler Monthly TD Audio page. Almost done with Book 1! Gah, we’ve been doing this audio book for TWO YEARS now. >_<

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