Kickstarter to Fund Book 2

Book 2 Preview: Jo (left) and Ayase (right)

Update: The Kickstarter is now over, having raised ~$8,000. Thanks to all of you who helped make it such a success! If you want to retroactively follow our first real fundraiser , please see below; updates were added to the bottom over time.

(You can also see our promo video on our YouTube page here.)

As Book 1 draws to a close, we’re looking at empty coffers for Tokyo Demons – our costs to run this place are fairly high and we’ve burned through our saved money. We’d really like to continue, so we’re asking you for help. Yes, YOU. I’m pointing at you. You can’t see it, but it’s happening.

One of the best ways to throw a fundraiser for an Arts project these days is through Kickstarter, an organization that allows creators to post a “promo” of their project, a funding goal, and a limited number of days to fulfill that goal. Fans pledge money, and if the goal is reached during the limited time frame, then (and only then) will the money actually be collected from the fans and sent to the project. It’s a low-risk way to support something you like, and it’s set up to offer special REWARDS to fans who pledge their hard-earned money.

We’ve put together a Kickstarter for Tokyo Demons: Book 2. Click on that link to see the video we put together, our funding goal, and the prizes you get for donating certain amounts. You can get hard copies of Book 1 and merchandise, you can get drawn into the background of an illustration for Book 2…you can even request an original audio drama and/or illustration if you’re feeling ridiculously generous. Priscilla/rem (illustrator) and our voice actors are ready to fulfill your feverish needs. If you can’t afford one of the higher rewards, do it the classic way: start a money pool with your friends, win the prize as a group, and then fight to the death over the present. (Or vote on the present, for less bleeding.)

Please help! The illustration above is a preview of what’s to come in Book 2: it’s mostly FIGHTING (all the bandages) and MAKING OUT. Jo is on the left and Ayase is on the right. Which boy is making out with Ayase, you ask? CAN’T TELL YOU – IT’S A SPOILER. Curious about Touya’s mysterious loyalties? Want to know what happened to Shouri after Adam lost her? How about Kadoyuki – what the hell is wrong with Kadoyuki? SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. There’s so much packed into Book 2 for you, kids. Help us bring you what you want.

Any questions or concerns are welcome in the comments below. Thank you in advance. I’m making a kissy face at you now…you can’t see it, but it’s super affectionate. That’s how you’re making me feel right now. YOU.

Update #1: We hit $3,000 with lightning speed. AMAZING. Now, for every $1,000 (combined total) past $3,000, we’ll release a special bonus on the site, available to EVERYONE for free. Read more details here.

Update #2: We hit the $4,000 mark on Kickstarter because a.) all of you are the best ever, and b.) the Internet is also the best ever. So the first bonus prize is up! We’re going to put together an extra short story for the site (aka available to everyone for free) and YOU get to vote on which character will be the star. There’s a poll you can vote on here, which is also available on the widget to the right (below the Kickstarter update).

Now! Before you vote, full disclosure: we have a few other short stories already in the works, which will be available exclusively on the versions of the story that you can buy. They are as follows:

Full eBook of Book 1 (available in April): Bonus short story on Sachi and Kado in middle school.

Hard (print) version of Book 1 (available in May): The Sachi/Kado story, plus a story about Mitsuko and Miki in their earlier Byakko days.

Hard (CD) version of Audio Book 1 (Part 1 available in June): The beginning of a series of comedy vignettes called “Hang in there, Kiyoshi!” which is about Kiyoshi bumbling his way through the more mundane moments of his life.

So if you were about to hammer that poll with PLEASE SACHI AND KADO WHAT HAPPENED OH GOD, keep in mind that your wish may already be on its way and now you can vote for, like, a short story about Nakajima. As of the time of this post, I think Adam’s in the lead.

Remember that for every thousand dollars over our original goal, there’s more stuff for the site! You can read the details here, but in short: $5,000 gets you a short story from Tokyo Ghosts (sequel to Tokyo Demons), and $6,000 gets you a Talk/Character CD, a production I’ve been fantasizing about because they make them in Japan and I love them and I don’t know why but I LOVE THEM AND WANT TO MAKE ONE. You’ll get to vote on the theme of the CD, too, so if everyone wants it to be a CD about  going on an awkward date with Ayase and first base getting interrupted by bees, we can make that happen. That’s the beauty of self-publishing – no upper management to tell me I’m insane and have to stop. I won’t stop. I NEVER STOP.

Update #3: Oh my God yes, we now have art commissions from our official “chibi” artist PinkPlaidRobot to offer as prizes through the Kickstarter. She’s been designing the upcoming Tokyo Demons keychains, which can be seen here. Her stuff is super awesome and hella adorable. See more details here.

Update #4: We’ve passed $5,000! That gets everyone the Tokyo Ghosts story. More details on this later, but it should be hella fun. We had to make new tiers for higher totals because we never expected things to go this far, and I think they’ve gotten pretty ridiculous and awesome, so here you go:

$7,000: We’ll do a Tokyo Demons tactical card game! Alex O’Shea, voice of Jo, is a nationally ranked card gamer who’s been designing games for years, and he has an excellent pitch for a game based on Tokyo Demons: Book 2. If we hit $7,000, we can actually make that happen. Note: This is a reward tier where we’d actually need to charge for the final product (since it will cost money to physically print the cards), but we’ll offer a special discount to anyone who pledges $10 or more on this Kickstarter. Whee!

$8,000: Lianne will write another short story for the site, but the theme will be dictated entirely by you guys. We’ll open a discussion board and all readers will be asked to submit one story idea of LITERALLY ANY REQUEST: hinted canon, alternate universe, off-screen make-outs, Jo Gets Laser Eyes, etc. We’ll put all story ideas to a vote and Lianne will be forced to write out the winner, no matter how ridiculous. If enough people vote for Sachi getting a magical girl spin-off, you’d better believe he’s gonna be Fighting Evil By Starlight.

$9,000: We’ll do a VIDEO GAME. There’s a particular period in Tokyo Demons: Book 2 where all the heroes are crushed into small quarters and relationships bloom or go sour because of the forced intimacy, so if we hit the $9,000 mark, we’ll make a relationship-building visual novel game of that period with multiple endings, including alternatives to what actually happens in the book – new romantic couplings and all. The game will be voiced by the voice actors of the audio book and will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD. For everyone. (We may release a deluxe version with bonus content for sale later, like we’re doing with the book and audio book, but the basic game will be FREE. FOREVER.) If you’ve never played a visual novel before, Lianne is obsessed with a bunch released in Japan and you can read about a recent one released in English, Hakuoki:

You know you want that video game. WE want that video game. A game has always been a pipe dream for us, and with that level of funding, hitting the all-powerful level of 9000!!!, we can do it. So let’s f’ing do it. :)

Update #5: Priscilla helped us put together some mockup screenshots of the Tokyo Demons video game. Please help us make this happen!

Update #6: The Kickstarter ended at approx $8,000 (including some funds raised off of Kickstarter but during the same time period). That means every prize has been unlocked except for the video game. Wow~! We’d still like to do the game, and we’re considering alternative means of funding…but we’ll put it aside for now to churn out all the other bonuses you guys earned. Great job, everyone! Thank you so much!

57 Responses to “Kickstarter to Fund Book 2”

    • We’re well past the 50% mark – we’re at $2,200 in less than a week. It’s going…shockingly well. I need to make a proper post about going over $3,000. I need to think of new prizes on the site if we pass the $3,000 mark. I…I need to think. I’m overwhelmed. Excuse me.

  1. The Kickstarter Project officially ended less than a minute ago with an ending total of $7,849.00 (not counting the sales!).

    So this must be said: “Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Because the more times people say “Congratulations” to you the more good things will happen!” (Quoted from Full Metal Alchemist)

    On a side note: I am also very happy that Touya is ahead of the side story polls (at this moment in time) – I have been voting for him over and over lol.

    I love that you have no idea what his goals are or the complete extent of his power, the fact he has been near Ayase and Jo (which can be explained by his “role” in the school – but could had other implications) and just the fact he is mysterious and I can’t tell whether he is good, evil, cunning or what!

  2. Don’t worry, you still have 39 days to go. The Kickstart continues regardless whether the goals is reached, until the time limit is up ^_^

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